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I've moved to Blogger. It's much easier and friendlier and quicker and ad free and easier (oops, I said that one.) Anyway I am now



Keystone Skiing

So much fun up at Keystone yesterday. We've been skiing with the kids for the last 3 years and it's amazing how good they are! Here is my oldest getting ready to plunge down the next run. She kept asking to find a blue run. Unfortunately, for her, her mother needs to work up to such things and won't be ready to tackle that until at least mid December. I did manage to eventually coax her off the mountain, this second pic is from out dining table at Parrot Eyes, but we didn't sit long.

She headed right back up to join her dad who was still skiing with the youngest at the top. Alas, with the exception of the occasional pity run my kids and husband throw me, I'm afraid mom's going to be skiing by herself in a couple more years.

Breaking Up?

I started a blog here a couple of months ago while finishing my first young adult novel and beginning the search for representation...but it never felt quite right. I don't know why, plenty of people have perfectly wonderful LiveJournal accounts and blogs. But I found I kept messing with the template and design. One day dressing it up in a simplistic midnight blue the next in a tri column autumn, another day I was back to the simple design but with a dark red header--nothing felt right or "me" and quite frankly it felt like I was having some kind of blog sphere schizophrenic identity crisis.

And then, one day (today in fact) I thought, It's not me...it's you!

 That's right. I think it's you LiveJournal with your blockish feel and mandatory ads ( I'm not willing to pay for my blog!) It's you with your limitations and your insistence on posting my avatar picture on every single entry! (in truth, this could just be operator error...I'm a writer not a web designer, geesh!)

So, I've decided. I'm breaking up with you LiveJournal! (maybe) That's right, I'm moving in with Blogger! (we're going to see how things work out.) Blogger is easier on the eyes (there, I said it) he's flexible and knows how to treat a woman who majored in Liberal Arts instead of Computer Science.

(I'm going to continue to see them both temporarily. After all, LiveJournal and I have history, however brief, and I could just be having yet another schizophrenic blog moment.)


Early Christmas

Come this Thanksgiving, I'm going to be thankful for an early Christmas. In fact, I'm going to be thankful that all my Christmases have come at once!

What are you speaking of crazy woman?

I am speaking of the news that graced my email box this morning. The news I've been waiting on for the last, oh, seven years.

Have you guessed? No?

An agent has offered representation! Yes! I am on the moon and don't plan on coming back until all is finalized.

I have asked wonderful agent for a week before making any final arrangements...my manuscript is still on submission with four other agents and I wanted to give them a heads up and a weeks time to let me know if they wanted to throw their hats in the ring.

Either way, this time next week I'm moving on up.

And yes, I realize this places me at about the second floor of the twenty story building that is the world of publishing.

Veterans Day!

One of the many, many benefits of working in a public school is that you get to lie in bed late on a Thursday recognizing and honoring all the men and women who have fought for, and given their lives for, this amazing country we live in.

I was surprised to learn that not everyone gets Veterans Day off. For example, darling husband rolled out of bed at our ridiculously early, typical weekday time.

I'll admit it. I smiled a small, grinchy grin and snuggled deeper into our flannel sheets.

I know only one veteran personally, my husband's Uncle Rich who served in the Vietnam War.

Thank you Uncle Rich.

Feeling Nostalgic

What Did I Say?

It is such a great feeling to come home after a long day and find this in my inbox:

Hi Rebecca,

I’d love to read the first three chapters of ASCENDANT.

Thank you,
(name redacted)

Now I know, it's one baby step along the path. Next I'll be praying they ask for the full ms. Then, I'll be pacing the floor, hoping for a offer for representation. But I'm closer. I know that much. It may not be this agent, or even this book.

But I am closer.

Turning to the Stars

I'm tired of waiting. In truth, I haven't really been waiting that long, one month on the full submission and only a few weeks on the partial. I'm following all the sage advice--working on the next book, continuing to query, only checking my email once every half hour (I swear!) But still, waiting sucks.

So I've turned to astrology to give me piece of mind and, laugh if you will, but I've finally found the answer I want over at Susan Miller's Astrology Zone. And I quote:

In your career, you are entering a particularly exciting phase, for Mars will enter your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement on October 28 to stay until December 7. This is a really good indication you are about to scale new heights in your career. You may get the kind of publicity you used to only dream about as well!

Ahem. So as you can see, I pretty much have this publishing thing in the bag. Actually I'm choosing to put a lot of stock in her obvious wisdom. She mentions earlier in my October forecast that something truly terrible, "like identity theft" was going to happen to me earlier in the month.

And it did. My wallet was stolen out of my office (did I mention I work in an elementary school?) and the perp (I love that word even though it doesn't sound right when I use it. It's like when Americans try to say bloody or wanker) spent a little over a grand before my bank cut them off.

Too bad I didn't read it before.

But clearly, my skies are brightening.

They are.

The Social Network

So husband and I had an unexpected Sunday without little ones--let's go see a GROWNUP movie!

We saw The Social Network.

When we were thinking about what to go see, I was reluctant to chose this. I mean, when you only get to go see about 2-3 non animated movies a year, you want to make sure it's a movie you'll enjoy.

I did.

Some have said this is a movie about greed, wealth, obsession, and the idea that money can solve all your problems. But personally, I think that description sells this film short.

Its a movie about being scary brilliant and about being isolated by that brilliance. Its a movie about a man with limited social skills who desperately wants to belong somewhere where his brilliance can be recognized and appreciated. What he fails to understand is that exclusive social clubs and relationships are not entered into and sustained by being shiny smart, but by being exceptional at negotiating social skills.

Something Mark Zuckerberg (if the movie portrays an accurate personality) is not...or at least wasn't in 2003. To me, the money, greed, obsession, etc, etc were subplots. 

I highly recommend The Social Network...especially if, like me, you use Facebook and other social networking media to do exactly what Mark Zuckerberg set it up to do...connect with friends (and follow their movie suggestions :).

It was a great movie and they did an amazing job of getting you to care about the characters and how their choices led to the breakdown of the very thing they were trying to foster (or, if you're more cynical, take advantage of)--our relationships.

The Eternal Ones

I'm reading The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller. Here is the link to her Publishers Weekly interview where she dishes on her current works in progress and her real life experiences that helped her shape, "three dimensional" characters.



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